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Nurturing your ecoscape with native plant landscaping

Updated: Mar 18

Looking for ways to evade the tedious trimming of plants, pulling of weeds, unloading countless wheelbarrow loads of mulch, and painstakingly picking Every. Single. Leaf out of your landscape beds each season? Believe it or not, having a beautifully designed ecoscape doesn’t have to increase your workload. It is absolutely possible to harbor a landscape that is both elegant and sustainable, while still respecting your lifestyle and priorities. Incorporating native plants into your ecoscape landscaping gives you the freedom to operate differently! While no landscape is 100% maintenance-free, consider these benefits offered by native plants in your search for a low(er) maintenance landscape:

  • They’re lovely to look at all year long! Native plants bring persistent diversity and authenticity to your ecoscape throughout the year, even after the blooms have faded. 

  • Winter stems provide shelter and safe spaces for birds and overwintering insect pollinators, eliminating the need for excessive autumn trimming and pruning. 

  • Fallen leaves provide a healthy, natural mulch that returns nutrients to the soil and replenishes energy stores for the next growing season.* 

  • They serve as natural ground cover to help control the emergence of unwanted weeds (once mature) while also reducing the need for irrigation in underused areas of your lawn or landscape. 

  • Native plants play a vital role in the ecosystem! A native plant landscape provides countless benefits by enriching the soil, conserving water and preventing unnecessary runoff, and removing excess carbon dioxide from the air. 

Roots Wild is different from the competition in that we offer our clients an annual maintenance package to ensure the longevity of each native plant landscape through its maturity. The Roots Wild process conserves your desired aesthetic and composition, elevating the benefits of native plants and crafting an experience for you and yours that is life-giving, not increasingly demanding. And to us, there is nothing more valuable.

*We recommend removing certain leaf types or excessive quantities of leaves for the healthiest outcome!

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Written by Jessica Gregory, @miecobuzz


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