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Instilling Intentionality and Cadence into Your Ecoscape: how the right sustainable landscape design looks incredible and lasts through time

The best sustainable landscape designs are modeled with intentionality, care, and a deep familiarity with the local environment. They incorporate natural diversity that is beautiful and functional now but will also persist into the future, saving you the time, money, and hassle of replacing and reconceptualizing again and again. Here’s how:

  1. Choosing plants that are right for a space by assessing the available light, soil, and water resources, then selecting native varieties already adapted to those local conditions. Selecting the right plants diminishes maintenance and watering requirements and ultimately makes your plants last longer - reducing the need for replanting down the road.

  1. Creating visually captivating vistas by letting nature speak for itself. Think “layers'' by incorporating plants with a diversity of heights, builds, bloom times, colors, and textures. This approach creates visual borders, vertical structure, and depth while also offering easier long-term maintenance as native plants require less watering and little to no pruning.  

  1. Emphasizing the existing features of the landscape by creating a unique blend of hardscape and softscape elements for a natural, cohesive design that is both usable and beautiful. Hardscape components encompass structures like patios, rockscapes, outdoor fireplaces, natural stone borders or pathways. Softscapes incorporate natural ground cover for weed management, deep-rooted grasses for stability and water absorption, or a diverse array of flowering plants to brighten up barren spaces.  

Roots Wild provides unequaled sustainable landscape designs that capture all these elements to help conceptualize and implement the best intentional landscape designs for you and the environment. Our knowledge, passion, and experience offer peace of mind as we help you envision beautiful, authentic scenes to bring an indelible shine to your space.


Written by Jessica Gregory, @miecobuzz


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