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Our landscapes are sustainably smart and smashingly stunning. We incorporate ecological solutions into every design to protect your investment, ward off future problems, and reap the benefits of nature's own design. We use things like native plants, pollinator gardens, prairie gardens, lawn alternatives, and more. 
Things to consider in the design process are sun/shade, soil health, water source, bloom time, plant height,​textures, leaf structure, seasonal longevity, all-year visual appeal, color variations, and more.

native plant of Michigan-Early Meadow Rue

Native Plants

Native plants are those that develop in a particular local ecosystem naturally without human involvement. There are valuable benefits to using native plants in your landscaping. They offer natural solutions to problem areas such as weeds, water, disease, pests, and weather.   

native plant of Michigan -Coreopsis

Prairie Garden

A property with a prairie garden reflects the original vegetation of the land in its originally intended state, with the guidance of a professional purposeful design and follow-up maintenance.

garden steppers

Lawn Alternatives

There are a variety of no-mow options when it comes to choosing a lawn-alternative that is eco-friendly. One can choose from native short grasses, hardscape, perennial flowers, meadow garden, and more.

native plant of Michigan-Purple Prairie Clover

Pollinator or Bird Garden

Thoughtfully designed with trees and perennials that attract and benefit birds year-round, as well as pollinators throughout the warm season. 

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