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Our landscape design services create the outdoor oasis you've been dreaming of. To your corner of the world, we bring the unmatched beauty and sleep-good-at-night effect that ecological, renewable, and sustainable designs offer. A space filled with nature's own sights and sounds that quietly beckon you outside. A place for relaxing and memory-making. Our services breathe new life into you and your property. 




Our designer will draft a 2D scaled or 3D concept to map out your dreamscape. This critical stage in the planning is the framework for building your unique space.

The designer will determine the style of concept to be presented per project. (Not offered as a stand-alone service.)



Choosing from a wide array of native plants and trees, our work promotes eco-friendly outdoor living. Native landscapes promote diverse and dynamic beauty through natural site and sound dimension.


Water Solutions

Add appeal while resolving pollutant run-off, erosion, pooling, etc. with a variety of ecological solutions such as dry creek river bed, rain garden, curb-cut rain garden, or a bubbling rock.


Garden Coaching

Have a green thumb? We offer coaching for those who prefer to do the work themselves and want guidance. This can include plant and pest identification, problem-solving, plant, soil, other material recommendations, and much more.

A 90 minute session is $200. Appointment availability varies per season.



Walkways, driveways, fire pits, steps, patios, boulder walls, rock walls, and more. Our team builds with artistic precision. We work with our trusted vendors to provide you a variety of options that suite the scope and style of your unique project.



You've made the investment, now it's time to insure it. Our job is to bear the responsibility of your investment's success, so you and your loved ones can enjoy it! We offer unique packages designed to ensure the design legibility and success through weeding, monitoring, and much more. 


Lawn Alternative

Choose from a variety of eco-friendly, no-mow options such as native short grasses, prairie, hardscape, or meadow. We bring your dreams to life while selecting the best-suited varieties for your unique setting.


Winter Pots

Brighten your commercial, office, or residential entrance with a unique and showy winter pot to welcome visitors. 

The Process



  • Free designer visit on-site

  • Expect between 25 - 45 minutes

  • Discussions pertain to:

    • goals​ and vision

    • problem-solutions

    • budget, upon request

Investment Protection Plan


  • An ongoing custom maintenance subscription

  • Design legibility control

  • Ranging from 3-7 visits per year

  • Complimentary plant replacement as needed*

  • Design and ecologically informed weeding, dead heading, clean up, etc.


*Terms and conditions apply


  • Preparation:

    • a design agreement outlining the scope  

    • we measure and photograph the subject site

    • you provide relevant documents (e.g. site survey, building specs, etc.)

  • Fee total based upon scope of design

  • ​Timing: 2-8 week turnaround

  • Deliverables: 

    • 2D scaled design​

    • materials guide

    • price estimate 

    • estimated scheduling



  • No surprise invoices

  • Expect a professional crew on site

  • Communication with you from start to finish

  • At completion:

    • final walk through​ tour

    • overview of aftercare follow up expectations

    • estimate for an Investment Protection Plan 

  • ​Start with the Investment Protection Plan ​(recommended)


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